What Our Clients Have To Say

Fantastic Service, Don’t Leave Town Without It!

We have been winter visitors here in Yuma for the past 3 years. When we left back north our first year, we had no idea the issues our small home would have, when abandoned. When we came back the next fall, we had dead roaches throughout the house we even installed sandbags on all our drains. That took us several days to remedy, including washing all the walls, dishes, utensils, etc, throughout the house. Our yard looked like a jungle from all the overgrown weeds, which took us 2 weeks to get cleaned up and we also had a sprinkler cap that sun rotted and broke, flooding our yard and water was running down the street. A passerby called the water district and they shut the water off and contacted Now we had no water to maintain our yard. We came back to a nightmare.

We needed to avoid the unknows when we couldn’t be home, so I research and found Kevin Kehl owner of Yuma Home Watch, he came to my home and I instantly felt at ease with his knowledge and professionalism, he ran down all his services and even gave me options for concierge type services to fit my budget.

While we were gone over the summer, Kevin showed up to my house weekly and unbeknown to him, I would get notified when anybody arrives on my property and that I have 10 cameras inside and around my property. I would watch him thoroughly go thru my home checking under every faucet, run every faucet, check windows, A/C Filters and inspect for insects, spray for weeds, etc., the list could go on and on, I caught him doing all the right things even though “nobody was watching”, He is a man of the utmost integrity and professionalism. Not only was the service exceptional, the reporting he provided via email was also just as impressive, he also provided photos, which for me was great. Even though I live here during the winter, his reporting showed me that I had some minor maintenance I needed to do when I got back, because I just didn’t know that I should be looking out for certain things. What a blessing it is having this service, it has definitely saved me a ton of money if I would have neglected the things that I just wasn’t aware of.

I never take the time to give comments or recommendations, but for this service and this man I felt like it was the least I could do, I’m glad I found him and I bet you will to, you must give him a try, I’m very confident, you will be glad you did.


Better Than a House Sitter!

Last summer (2023) I took a vacation from the hot Yuma sun and needed a house sitter while I was out of town. I found something I think is better than a house sitter. A newly established company in Yuma provides a service called Yuma Home Watch. Kevin, the owner of Yuma Home Watch, came to inspect my home and surrounding yard to determine the level of effort needed to make sure that I was satisfied with the inspections to be performed. We went over a thorough list of potential items to check while I was out of town. The list is long. The service involves a weekly survey of the inside and outside of my home and yard area. My drip system was checked, toilets flushed, sink p-traps flushed with water, inside plants watered, refrigerator and freezer checked, mail collected (if usps stop mail not used), water main to house shut off and back on as part of the weekly inspection. Photos are provided of areas that need attention. The weekly inspection identifies problems and reports them in a structured PDF report format. Kevin is in constant contact via text messages, email, and cell phone communication with instant return response. On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 is the best score, I gave him a 5. I highly recommend Kevin’s Home Watch service.